Unlike most fundraisers that collect cash/checks (which is hard to do when credit cards and PayPal seem to run things now!) we are able to run our campaign right through our website. Each organization has its own listing of products offered and will have its own selection to choose from (if your fundraiser is being done by students, their names would be listed to easily identify the students sales, and same for other groups/organizations) We can very easily customize these features to what your group is looking for! 

Orders made through our site will be collected by us and we will offer our products at our wholesale price (or other negotiated price). At then end of your campaign we will issue your organization a check with the profits that were made along with order lists and any other reports your group would like (for sales purposes). 

We can also accommodate fundraisers by placing bulk orders (your group would do the fundraising efforts, contact us to place your order and make payment) and we would get you your products!

We have found that our candle fundraisers have been most successful, but we can accommodate any products your group is looking for!

 Our cost is for any scent/design color of your choosing, please contact us for pricing and suggested selling prices.

Our jars are handmade by us (that’s why we’re able to customize to anything you can imagine!) and our candles are poured in house by us. 

Since our Candles For A Cause campaigns are “custom” we do require usually 2-4 weeks to complete orders. If your timeframe is shorter, please contact us and we can work something out that fits your needs! 

We will actively post to our social media accounts, provide product pictures for your marketing purposes and help in any way we can to help support your purpose! 

Due to these orders usually being so big, we do ask for pickup/can accommodate delivery if agreed, however shipping is not favorable due to the cost of shipping and the weight of the products. 

A little about our candles:

  • handmade concrete jars made in house
  • coconut/apricot wax blend, clean, biodegradable, completely skin safe, clinically tested and dermatologist reviewed
  • crackling wooden wick for ambiance 
  • phthalate free fragrances
  • 7 oz candles with 45 hour burn time
  • Customizable labels

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